To tell the news first: Stephan quit his job at NSN and starts in December his new job at a small finish company called Alteams. Tempus fugit. But we don't want to bother you with boring stuff, so here the real live stories:

There is currently a lot of flower art in the streets of Suzhoh. Always related to a actual topic like olympic games.

Kunst im Sinne des Erfinders    Kunst im Sinne des Erfinders

This time the topic is the reduction of CO2. Well, how the spray paint fits into this picture is not completly clarified yet.......

Künstler bei der Arbeit    Das Gesamtwerk, fast fertig

Strolling though the Li Gong Diwe found out, that the maintenance level of the street lamps are not really fitting to our german standards. Or is it also art? Who knows. Maybe it's also no coincidence to see the paint on the floor.

Strassenlampe    Schmierfinken

Anyway there are some really nice places there, especially used by young couples, and yes, this includes also us ;-)

sweet love....    sigh

Also downtowon new things are waiting to be exploired day by day. There are the professional wedding fotographers advertising the paris wedding. Well, why not.

from Paris with love    selber gross....

But that's not all. We also had the chance to watch a real chinese moving. It's also not exactly that well planned than in good ol' europe, but it works out somehow.

Umzug auf chinesisch    Umzug auf Chineisch

The highlight was without any dount the purple Jaguar. Including the wheels. Some things here in China are really a no go for no-chinese eyes.

no comment    Schreckenskatze

And again some friends of us will leave Suzhou soon. At least they are not leaving back to Isreal but Gunagzhou is still 1200km away from Suzhou.

Dana and the 3 L's    Brot und Spiele

Stephan was extreme jallous about Lyiams Frog gummi boots. Unfortunately thez're not sold in his size. At least Stephan saif unfortunately, Regina's opinion is a bit different.

Mahlzeit    Froschgummistiefel - die sind sicher vom Froschstern

As we're a complete international and cosmopolitan comminuty here, we celebrated also Halloween. Same as nowadays in Germnay, as we heard. Nobody knows exactly what is celebrated, but the main message is: Party Time.

Robin Slowhand - Lead Guitar    Flash the Drumstick - Drums
Chris Ladykiller - voice and guiter    Tom the base

Stephan's plan was to have dinner at the indian place with some frineds, Regina is still in Germnay. Around 11pm the phone rang and other friends screamed for help. The party at Harry's is exploding and nobody has a camera with. So Stephan sacrificed his seld, packed the camera and went to the party-hell.

das Partyvolk    Let's Party

Unbelieveable. Grown up, adult people wearing scary dresses, and we mean scary as we write it. The guys there had already a 2 hours headstart, but Stephan managed to close the gap soon.

Selbstauslöser    Lesley, die beste Bedienung der Welt

Not much to tell, just some pictures:

Vamp    Maskenball ?
Reich mir deine Tatze    noch mehr Maskenball

No worries, all the possible security measurements were taken. Nice and freindly nurses everywhere and if this is of no help, there is still a Santa Claus to fix things.....

Schwester....    Nikolausi
interkultureller Ideenaustausch    noch mehr Maskenball

What a night. When we'll leave for Vietnam and how Stephans start in the new job is, well, that's already another story.......


Teufelchen Chris

....on Halloween at Harry's......

Teufelchen Chris

Teucelchen Chris