October beer festival

Soon the next friends leave Suzhou to Scotland. Somehow it feels really weird to watch more and more people leaving. For Susan and John we (or more precise: a lot of friend so them organized by Dahliana) got the chinese chest, which they were looking at since a long time.

Chinesische Traum Truhe   Schottische Traum Socken

We delivered the chest right in time before their container got packed. Some pictures, a drink and that's it. No, not true, there'll be the big farewell party later on.

John    Susan

But first we visit at the german beer festival in Wuxi, called "Oktoberfest". This tradition from Munich is exported around the world and the Germans keep on the tradition. And not only the Germans....

Lebkuchenherz    O'zapft is

Next to the Kempinski in Wuxi a big tent was build up, the gingerbread hearts were baked, the germane brew master prepared plenty of Paulaner beer, King Ludwig from Bavaria and Empress Sissi visited and the Bavarian "Wiesn Band"  was ready to give all for the night. A real blue-whit, red-yellow beer festival.

Oktoberfestband    Rucki Zucki

The band was really amazing. The fastest bell performer of Bavaria, the fastest beer drinker of Suzhou, the bells of Rome and a really hilarious audience.

der schnellste Glöckner von Bayern    die schnellsten Massbiertrinker Suzhouy
die Glocken von Rom    Party on.....

The chinese got also taught the "Yi....Er.... Gan Bei", the one to one translation of the "Oas.... Zwoa... Gsuffa" from Bavaria. The band is already since 15 years touring through China, so they speak chinese even if they don't look like them.

Zünftig    der Braumeister him self

After this stressful night we went to Shanghai the next morning again. Some of the photography stuff was not working properly, so we had to change them. Together with Liz we also strolled through some market streets.

eine kleine PerleImages_Oktober/04_Shanghai001.jpg    Taikang Lu

Since two years in China and no single visit to Taikang Lu? Not possible Liz said, so we need to go there. And yes, she's right, it's really fun believable that we haven't been there yet.

Taikan Lu    selbstgemachte GUmmistiefel
Alte und Neu    Strassencaffee

In the streets we found the typical chinese spare time activity. Shooting pictures of the girl friend.. A hat, some beyond believe shoes and a boy friend trying to get pictures in the Shadow with his mobile phone camera. Just perfect.

Chinas next top model    Champagnerschuhe

In the evening we went for Thai food, which we haven't found in Suzhou yet, so we really enjoyed plenty of different dishes. Simply Thai.

Thairollen    Thai Chicken

Back in Suzhou we managed to get some pictures from the construction workers here. They life directly at the construction yards in tents and work around the clock....

Arbeiterzeltstadt    Bauarbeiter im Einsatz

So, now it's time for Susan and John's farewell party. It wasn't that clear that we can really have a BBQ at their roof terrasse due to the renovation work of it. But somehow the miracle happened and we could party there.

Kohle    Internationale Party

The weather was fair enough without rain. And we'll not tell the stories of the night, just show some pictures ;-)

Die vier von der Party    Una festa sui prati.....

As a present to remember China in Scotland, somebody organized a chinese flag and everybody signed it with personal wishes for the both. Let's see how brave they are when they hiss the flag in Scotland. Also a bunch of flying lanterns as it is usual here we started.

Ihre eigene Fahne....    ...zum Hissen in Schottland
Wünsche....    ...und noch mehr Wünsche

Three years they've been here and how time flies, they're hoe again. Well, we have at least another 11 months ahead. And we'll be able to manage quite well here, e.g. in the Pin Jiang Lu.

PingJiang Lu    Alles Klar Wegweiser  

Not one day without the professional wedding photographers in the ancient parts of Suzhou. And it's always fun when the Lau Wei is taking pictures of model because plenty of chinese (tourists) start then also taking pictures of the model. So it's quite common that around 6-10 people are following the bride.

Hobby Model    hmmm, ob der wohl weiss, was da drafu steht

After two years of renovation the Ping Jiang Lu is nearly finished. Just a couple of houses needs some repair. We still remember how it looked here two years ago.

Das Fenster zum Hof    der Hof
Wohnhaus    renovierte Strasse mit Häusern

The more renovated ancient parts, the more tourists. The more tourists, the more cafe and tea houses open. We think that's really perfect, there are now plenty of places to go and enjoy. And as soon as the ExPo is over, there'll be hopefully less tourists in Suzhou and we can enjoy the city again by our selfs.

Dächergewirr über Suzhou    Kaffee

Our vacation planning to Vietnam is another story being told soon......


...or how to injure your feet. Some more pictures before we open the picture gallery.....