Miss Saigon

Back to the civilization or so. But before getting back we passed rice fields which are everywhere.

Reisfelder    landestypische Fortbewegung

Arriving in Saigon it went dark. There is no such thing as a long twilight, it's just getting dark. We asked a couple of locals, where we could find some good food. And no, we don't mean McDonalds or so, we're looking for good vietnamese food. So we got a more or less precise description how to find the place. We are by the way the both of us and Liz, a friend here from Suzhou who's spending this holliday with us.

Geschäftemacher    Abendverlehr

Just one hour later and a lot of contact to the people in the streets we found the restauranr. The menu was in vietnamese, sure, it's a vietnamese restaurant. Unfortunately there were no pictures in the menu also, we don't speak any word in vietnamese and the witresses not much english. Anyway, we thought we ordered some typical food and some shrimps. Well, the shrimps turned out to be a lizzard. We don't recommend lizzard to anybody. Too many small bones and really chewy. Maybe the lizzard was just too old.....

beim Vietnamesen, fast um die Ecke    Liz and the Lizard

The next morning we headed to the Mekong Delta. But before we had a full speed sightseeing tour through Saigon. First stop was the gouverment palace - from outside. Maybe somebody remebers the picture of the tanks from the communist armee as they rolled over the fence, the day the republic of vietnam was announced.

Palast der Republik    das wieder aufgebaute Gitter

Around the palace the traffic rushes in chaotical terms. The try to regulate it with traffic signs seems a bit helpless.

netter Versuch    Vier Sitzer

Next stop is the Notre Dame cathedra. The french been there long enough to copy some of the buildings from europe. Now we know, who started the fake markets in Asia......

Notre Dame zu Saigon    Notre Dame zu Saigon

The cathedral is located in downtown Saigon, full of tourists, trades, tamer and for sure photographers. Notre Dame is a favourite motive for weddings.

Saigons Top Model    pimp my ride
Hochzeitsfotos am rostenden Gitter    Touri-Attraktion: Skorpionfotos

A couple of steps away is the main post office. Also this was build by the french in the end of the 18th century. And it's still used, no tourist attraction. Ok, there are some souvenir shops, but not that many.

Hauptpostamt Saigon    Immer mit dabei: Ho Chi Minh
Schalterreihe    Funkeionstest in der Telefonzelle

Christmass is comming soon, so the shopping stress for the gifts was on a really high level. Stupidly the sales ladies were not bargling at all. Maybe too many tourists.

motivierte Verkäuferinnen    Im Kaufrausch

Passing the crowds we drove to the theater.

kleiner Cowboy    Geschäftsmann

As everywhere in front of official buildings stands a statue and it's always the same guy: Ho Chi Minh, who else ;-)

Rathaus Saigon    Statue vor dem Theater

The municipal is also for the locals a famous weekend spot. Take out the mopet, put on the family, drive there, take a picture for the album and off to the next attraction.

Familienfoto   ...Familienausflug

On the way back to the car we could study some contruction workers. With a safety rope, wow, long time not seen in China.

Bauarbeiter Dekoltee    Pausemacher

Next stop is My Tho city, in the middle of the Mekong Delta. From there we board a boot to an island for lunch. We took it on the island of the turtles, the other are the islands of the unicorn, the phoenix and the Dragon. We were really curios, which animal we'll get for lunch ;-)

My Tho City Hafen    da sind wir

The town itself is not really nice to visit, so we headed directly to our privat boat.

auf dem Mekong    Touristendschunke
schon wieder Touris    und noch einer

The Mekong is a big river. wide and brown and additionally there are floating water magnolies. The traffic is similar to the streets but we managed to reach the turtle island withou any bigger collision.

Eine Bootsfahrt, die ist lustig.....    die Tiger Insel

Here the whole live happens on the river. Even the shower is taken on board, why not, this saves plenty of time in the morning.

Fischer beim Fischen    Morgenhygiene an Bord
Wassermagnolie    Kampfhahn an Bord

45 minutes later we arrived. That's Vietnam as we imagined it. A lot of water, some swamp, hidden cottages in the jungel and a load of lotus flowers.

Mittagessenshütte    Lotusfeld

Lunch was delicious. Starting with the Pho, the typical soup with thai basil and other herbs. Regina is addicted to it, no day withou Pho. The elefant ear fish was served in a rack, so you can chop finely the meat from the bones, put it into rice bread and add veggies and sauces as you like. As we said: Yummie delicious.

Elefantenohrenfisch    für Selbstversorger

After the siesta, hey, it's freaking hot and nobody works over lunch time, we went to the coco sweets maker. Just boiled coco milk, sugar and some other ingredients like ginger or durian. Also yummie.

Nachwuchskokosbonbonmacher    Mittagspause
Kokosmilchkocher    alles klar?

With the horse car we had a island round trip, passing big enclosures for the roosters. Fighting roosters. Officially it's illegal to do the rooster fights, especially if there are bets included, but it looks as nobody is really taking it serious.

unser Pferdekarren    Kampfhahngehege

A walk through the jungel showed the variety of plants. Lucky us only plants and no animals like snakes or whatever.

roter Bambus    im Dschungel
Hauptverkehrsmittel    Blume

The stop at the cafe in the middle of the jungel serving fresh fruits and tea, wait a moment, that's a completely different story......



....very seldom seen with only one rider.....