at the Mekong Delta

So, now is break from running around the island. And we're hungry. We got these really fresh fruits and a glas of tea. In the heat and moisture the fruits and tea is still the best to eat and drink.

frisches Genüse    mehr frisches Gemüse

We haven't been the onlu ones in the coffee shop in the jungle. And they're really prepared for it with basins, toilets and real vietnames music. If you like they also sing in chinese.....

Wildwestwaschbecken im Dschungel    das Unterhaltungsprogram

Time to get back to the car. But no hurry, we're in Vietnam and we have plenty of time to take the floating boat to go through the small canals. Similar like the push bikes in Suzhou.....

Mekongflussdschunke    Mekongflussdschunke
Schiffersfrau    Schiffersfrau

Without a rush we went down the river, sometimes other boats are crossing, some of them even with a motor. But only if there are no tourists on board.

ein langer Fluss....    Mekongufer
Gegenverkehr    motorisierter Gegenverkehr

As you see we've been impressed by the people and the landscape, so we took around fifty thousands of pictures. And so we share some of them here:

Scbhiffersbub    Mittagspause
Alles im Griff....    auf das Schuhwerk kommt es an
Rotzlöffel    Schulweg

Back on the main river we saw some different kinds of boats, construction boats, heavy transportation boats, mud boats and so on.

Baggerboot    Kieslasterkahn
Ackerbauboot    Seelenverkäufer

Back in My Tho City we stopped at a bid weird place: the Cao Dai temple. Since 1927 it's the mother house of the Cao Dai religion.

Cao Dai Tempel    Cao Dai Tempel

The temple is like the riligion a big mixture out of muslimic, buddhist, taoist and chirstian elements. All the world religion leaders are together unified in the altar area, next to the all mighty eye surroundet by a artfull clouds ceiling.

die 4 Einigkeit    das Auge im Dreieck
die Inseltiere    der Festwagenschmücker

Back in the car we went more far to the south to a city called Cai Rang to visit the floating market there. During the trip Stephan convinced the driver and the guide to sop over at a typical coffee house next to the street.

alltägliche Verkehrsszene    echter Kaffee

Next to all big and also sometimes smaller roads are coffee shops with hamocks waiting for custimers. The coffee is freshly brewed, is strong as hell and tastes a bit like nut. Really relaxing, we should export this idea and close all the start bucks instead.

stressfreier Kaffee    im KaffeeImages_Vietnam_3/032_Mekong.jpg

Arriving in Cai Rang a couple of hours later we went directly into the streets and found a nice restaurant, yes, with Pho for Regina.

wir im Restaurant    lecker Essen

We had to sleep a bit faster due to the fact, that we go to the floating market the next morning already at 6am, but that's a completely different story......


Hütten am Mekong

Cottages..... the Mekong shore....

Hütten am Mekong

Hütten am Mekong