floating market

Sunrise in the Mekong Delta. That's like seeing a movie. Six am we got up to be right in time at the floating market before they close again due to the heat.

Sonnenaufgang im Mekong Delta    Sonnenaufgang im Mekong Delta

After the breakfast we took a short walk to the pier. One buddy is not to be missed: Ho Chi Minh. In middle of the french style promenade there is another statue. Also the Baguettes are pretty french, so we had the impression that we"re somewhere at the Cote D'Azur. Until we saw the Durians. Nice fruits but the smell is really disgusting.

Ho Chi Minh mal wieder    Cannes Promenade in Vietnam
Frühstücksobst Durian    Baguette Verkäuferin

The modern vietnamese architecture takes a bit to getting used to. The houses are long and small but high. Somewhen in the past it was decided, that the basic size of the landed property is 15m times 4m. The result is, that the people abandon the option for a garden.

15 x 3 - das Gardemass    und mehr Standard Häuser

But now it's time to get to the floating market. We had some weird images in out head, how this could look like. And we were very close with it.

Marktfrau auf dem Weg zur Arbeit    eine andere Marktfrau

But first we need to go somehow to the markets. And the best option is for sure a small boat. During the ride we also had the chance to watch the daily live on the Mekong.

Fischer bei der Arbeit    Markthändler auf dem Weg

To keep the boats running there are floating gas stations. Only the supermarket was missing, but next to the merchands on the river you really don't need one.

Petrovietnam    Wassertanke

Slowly we came closer to the market. Ah, what the heck is a floating market at all. Well, it's more or less a chaotic collection of merchandise boats in different sizes. People and farmer are selling the goods directly from vehicle to vehicle. After bargling and negotiating the prizes as you can imagine.

Wassermelonenhandel auf dem schwimmenden Markt    Wassermelonenverladung

A continuous coming and going of boats, stopping at each other, bargling, praising, buying, negotiating.... A real chaos but totally relaxed.

Kommen und Gehen    festmachen an der Schiffschraube? Wieso nicht
fest verankert    beim Geschäftemachen

As usual everybody in the family is helping. The young kids are the hardest negotiaters, especially with foreigners. Our captain and his wife were guiding safely us through the market. No problem with the signal colored toe nails.

Meisterhändler    unser Kapitän
Frau Kapitän    Füße mit Signalwirkung

In the market zone the boats are mostly paddled. Much more easier than switching on and off the engine all the time and it's also easier to navigate - if you know how. But as it looks the most of the people has some kind of experience with it.

Marktfrau    Marktfrau

Some time ago we found a dream travel route in a cataloge of a travel agency in the internet: From China to Vietnam down the hole Mekong on a cruiser. Now we saw one of these cruisers. It's really lovely, build completely out of wood, only 12 cabins and looks pretty cosy. Maybe we have to think again about this trip.

Mekongkreutzfahrtschiff    Nussschale

It's a pretty hard decission, which picture to show here on the homepage. So we just show a small part of our really big fund.

Marktleute    Marktleute
Marktleute    Marktfrau
Marktfrau    Marktmann

The antipode of the traditional and slow live on the market on the one side and the big contruction yard on the other side is really big. but the vietnamese gouvernment is clever. Which nation ever want to set up an production here in Vietnam needs to build a part of the infrestructure. We came drving over japanese and chinese bridges on american and french roads, passing by russion power cables and so. 

neue Brücke über den Mekong    Familienboot
Taxi    Einkaufswagen

Time is flying on the Mekong. We could have stayed another 10 hours, just sitting in the boat and watching the chaos. But there is the long trip back to Saigon. Just another half hour in the shopping street without buying snake wine and back in the car.

Melonenlieferant    lecker Schlangenwein

Couple of hours later we got the big surprise: flooded streets. Our guide was pretty easy with it, it's still raining season. What? All the information from the internet and travel agencies tells, that the raining season is over already since weeks. Well, depends on the definition of it. For us it wouldn't been a holliday without rain.... ;-)

Strassenüberflutung    Strassenschwemme

In  Saigon we just went to the hotel, having a shower and then we headed to the Bazar. Equipped with a town map and umbrellas we were ready to cope with the traffic.

Regenflitzer    Doppelregenflitzer

We found the Bazar wuite easy. We have also some experience with the Bazar in Kashgar, so we haven't been shocked as Elizabeth was. Or?

Schuhe, was auch sonst    Naschsachen
Tassen mit den Stäbchen für die Nudelsuppe    Markthalle

Wow, what a day. Regina now needs a Pho, no discussion about it. Lucky us we found a "Pho 24" soup kitchen right next to the market.

Reginas Lieblingssuppenladen    die beste Pho der Welt

After all that busy sight seeing we're now ready for the paradise. Tomorrow we fly to Nah Trang, a holiday paradise island to relax and enjoy, but this is again a completely different story......


Hütten am Mekong

....at the Mekong beach....

Hütten am Mekong

Hütten am Mekong