Nha Trang - the paradise

Just one hour flight away from Saigon lays the paradise. We guess that the vietnamese name Nha Trang is translatet to paradise. From the airport it's one hour by car and aonther 30 minutes by boat to reach our island.

Auf dem Weg nach Nha Trang    Ankunft im Paradies

Nha Trang is located in the south chinese sea, in the north boarded by the mountains. In this gigantic bay is a uncountable amount of islands. On our island there is only one holiday resort, the Hon Tam resort and that's it. Nothing else. Wow, first of all let's move into our bungalow.

unsere kleine Hütte    Unser Badezimmer

Unfortunatley all the standard bungalows were alreafy crowded, so we got an update to the luxury bungalow; poor us..... We had a fresh air bathroom with no roof. Perfect to have a shower under the sky, it really seems we landed in paradise. During our evening walk we had a marvellous sun set. That's holidays.

Sonnenuntergang im Paradies    Sonnenuntergang im Paradies
Gina im Paradies    unser provater Strand

Naturally there is not only the sea for a swim, no there is also the one or the other pool available. Under palms, but that's also nothing we need to explain.....

ein kleiner Pool    noch ein bisschen Strand
die Palmen nicht zu vergessen    unter Palmen

Beside lying at the beach there are some activities possible here on the island. Playing golf for example. Hmmm, we're still not golfer. Ok, then a ride with the hot air ballon, playing the xylophon or visiting the clay bakery.

Resorteigener Ballon    ein Virtuose am Instrument
(Ton-)Brennerei    Shiva oder so

After that many activities we earned another relaxation break at the pool and in the baskets. Foolishley the size is adapted to the vertical disadvantaged asien people. Anyway, it's enough for a short nap.

noch ein Pool    Mittagschlaf

Regina studied during our walks the local flora nd brought plenty of photos back. We're wondering how it looks in the spring time on the Island when really everything is in blossom.

Inselbummel    Blumeninsel Nha Trang

Uuuups, we forgot the Spa. For a real lazy and relaxing holiday there is a spa with masage needed. They even offer a sun burn treatment, question is for what. Just before christmas nobody would need it.....

das Spa    merrz x-mess
Spablume    die Wege im Paradies

Stephan also enjoyed it, even if he hates these beach holidays usually. But in this case he had to admint, that's it not too bad here.....

Hängematte    hach ja, was ist dazu zu sagen

Maybe the pool bar was one point changing his mind about beach holidays. Is there something better than having a fresh coco not, sitting in the pool? Ok, they also served cool beer.....

die Bar    lecki Kokosnuss

Regina got three times a day her Pho and also the other food was delicious.

Buffet    was wohl: Pho

Just some last pictures without any comments before we travel back to China.

Gina im Paradies    Titanic.....
Riesenwelle am Strand    Strandspaziergang
unser kleiner Strandabschnitt    Wer hat hier Sonnenbrand?

Suzhou is really also a nice city, maybe not the paradise but nice anyway. In Saigon we got a last surprise: Our flight si delayed. From 11:30pm to 4:30am. Anyway, we got some free and delicous hard rolls.....

etwas Verspätung macht noch keine schlechte Laune    warten auf den Flug
Lecker Brötchen....    warten auf den Abflug

And having the chance to stroll through an empty airport is also nice sometimes. No stressed people running around, no loadspeaker voices, the aircon is switched of and the lights are dimmed.....

Matratzenlager am Flughafen    einsamer Flughafen

At least we arrived the next mornign in Shanghai and were lucky enough, that our driver was waiting for us. Stephan has now two more days off before he starts his new job at Alteams, but this is a completely different story......

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang

....in Nah Trang....

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang

Grünzeug auf Nha Trang